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Fried, Frenzied & Frazzled will be out in Fall 2015.  If you are under stress this is the book for you. If you want to be notified when it is released leave me your email address.


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"Overcome Binge Eating"

What people are saying about Linda Blakeley, Ph.D.

Dr. Blakeley is an extremely knowledgeable and competent professional who has much to offer families troubled by problems that result as a consequence of marital dissolution."

Michael Kelly, Attorney-at-Law
Positive Divorce Institute

Dr. Blakeley has perseverance and dedication to the goal of helping families survive the trauma of divorce.

Ciji Ware, Author, TV Commentator

It was direct experience in the Divorcing Family Clinic, that she functioned well in a very difficult program and was able to make significant progress with a population of highly resistant people.  I was very impressed with her energy, motivation and organizational skills and her ability to motivate others to make things happen.

Center for Legal Psychiatry, Santa Monica, CA

On behalf of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Educational Foundation (CAMFT), we want to thank you for providing a very well received and effective workshop on a Dynamic Treatment Approach for Couples and Children of Divorce.

Mary Riemersma, Executive Director

Dr. Blakeley has helped my family during the most stressful years of my life. She helped us develop positive communication skills that enabled my children to have both parents continue to show them the love they deserved even though we were divorced.

R. T., Long Beach, California

Dr. Blakeley is a well trained professional who has helped me enter a second marriage without fear.

M.B., San Francisco, California

Linda BlakeleyMy name is Dr. Linda Blakeley. As a clinical psychologist, divorce mediator, educator and parent who has shared custody, I am committed to helping children and parents have ongoing positive family relationships after divorce. I have both personal experience and professional training in the area of family reorganization.

I have a private clinical practice in Beverly Hills, California where I have been working with families to achieve ongoing positive family relationships after divorce for over twenty years. I am dedicated to helping parents address the emotional and psychological issues that arise as a consequence of marital dissolution and develop solutions that can promote positive ongoing family relationships.

My goal as a mediator is to help couples gain insight and develop solutions in a positive peaceful manner.

Dr Linda Blakeley's Goals:

  • To promote positive conflict resolution.
  • To teach positive communication skills
  • Offer information to parents to support a shared custody lifestyle.
  • To increase positive communication between parents after divorce
  • To help parents maintain their parenting roles after divorce
  • To offer support to parents and children


  • California Graduate Institute, Doctorate in Psychology, Los Angeles, CA
  • Center for Legal Psychiatry, Santa Monica, CA
  • Forrest Mosten Mediation Training Institute, Los Angeles, CA
  • Los Angeles Family Collaborative Law Association, Los Angeles, CA

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