Relationships and Mediation

Linda Blakeley

My name is Dr. Linda Blakeley. As a clinical psychologist, divorce mediator, educator and parent who has shared custody, I am committed to helping children and parents have ongoing positive family relationships after divorce. I have both personal experience and professional training in the area of family reorganization.

I have a private clinical practice in Beverly Hills, California where I have been working with families to achieve ongoing positive family relationships after divorce for over twenty years. I am dedicated to helping parents address the emotional and psychological issues that arise as a consequence of marital dissolution and develop solutions that can promote positive ongoing family relationships.

My goal as a mediator is to help couples gain insight and develop solutions in a positive peaceful manner.

Dr. Linda Blakeley mediator(re-enactment)

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Dr Linda Blakeley's Goals:

  • To promote positive conflict resolution.
  • To teach positive communication skills
  • Offer information to parents to support a shared custody lifestyle.
  • To increase positive communication between parents after divorce
  • To help parents maintain their parenting roles after divorce
  • To offer support to parents and children