General Group Information

If you are interested in joining a group, please call or email Dr. Linda to schedule a free consultation.  Groups meet weekly.

Groups with Focus on Eating Disorder Recovery

For individuals who are recovering from an eating disorder, groups are a necessary part of treatment.  Participation in a group offers support, helps participants improve their communication and assists in learning and reinforcing assertiveness skills. Participation can help participants build a secure sense of self, explore personal and professional goals, enhance positive self esteem, improve positive communication skills and learn to manage stress effectively.

Bariatric Groups

After having bariatric surgery for weight management it is essential that individuals participate in a group that can support their new lifestyle. It is extremely important to  develop coping skills that will prevent them from returning to unhappy habits.  Eating to cover emotions is no longer an option.  For those who have used food for years as a means of coping, it is imperative to develop alternatives in order to learn to manage stress effectively.

Relationship Groups

After having numerous unsatisfying relationships, individuals will benefit from participating in a group that will focus on creating healthy relationships.  Understanding ones early messages can be an imperative in developing new relationship skills.  Group participation and support can help participants move into more satisfying relationships while strengthening their personal life’s goals. This group is beneficial for those who are entering new relationships as well as those who are in the process of ending old ones.